A Blog A Day Keeps Dementia Away

System.out.println(“Hello World!”)

I wonder how many blogs in the world have started with that same first line. Probably millions since it’s oh-so-cliche. So I am probably the last computer science major to have a blog but I don’t mind. Hopefully putting my thoughts on paper (monitor) I will be able to express myself more clearly. This blog will serve as a means for me to:

  • discuss emerging technologies
  • ponder new ideas and concepts
  • get advice with my professional career

The plan is to do one blog a day for 365 days and to alternate between the 3 things mentioned above each day…minus today of course… because today I have more important things to accomplish (no offense readers).

Today I must catch up on some research. You see, I do research at the human-computer interaction lab at school. The current project that my research team is working on is to help Google improve their search engine for kids. Therefore I must analyze videos of children (ages 7,9,11) searching for information online categorizing the children into one of six search roles. I have 3 videos to complete. Thus, farewell all! Until tomorrow!

– a busy are.in.bee

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