3D TV?

Soooo since Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, Up, Final Destination, and Avatar the world seems to be going 3D crazy. Besides the fact that I have never seen a 3D movie, I do think that 3D tv’s are a good idea. However, I do not think they are worth the projected $9000.

As I am typing this from my Sony Vaio, I am pretty sure that Sony’s version of the 3D TV will be more than $9000. Everything they produce is quality and quality technology means a quality price tag!

The glasses shown above do not encourage me to buy such a TV. But THESE

are some hot 3D glasses…I’m just sayin…

Well off to see my first 3D movie! I’m about to go see Avatar…I heard the plot is seriously lacking but the graphics are cool!

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One thought on “3D TV?

  1. sundryandco says:

    Avatar’s plot was definitely lacking but, visually, it was fairly impressive. What did you think of your first 3D movie? I’m not too keen on sitting on my couch wearing a pair of 3D glasses, but I’m still tempted to go to the shop and ask them can I try out the 3D TV 🙂

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