Day One: Dinner

Sooo I arrived today at around 3pm. As it turns out, I know another guy here from Univ. of Maryland. We were on the same flight and didn’t even know the other was coming! How ironic…

The only thing we pretty much did today was have dinner. Thankfully in the welcome ceremony they revealed to us that grad schools around the country will have twice as much money for fellowships than last year. By the year 2013, that figure should TRIPLE. For Georgia Tech specifically, they will give out 1000 awards this year and that will only increase as the next few years go by.

From the part that I was listening to, this is because Obama wants more engineers and will pay just about anything to get them.

I met a few new people…my roommate just arrived 😦 I thought I was gonna have my room all to myself.

What a small world it is. Tonight I met the fiancee of the grad student that I am supposed to be meeting with tomorrow. I wonder if I shall meet my husband in grad school. hmmmm

Well time to study for the GREs! 9 more daysss

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