Concept: Study Abroad

I feel like studying abroad can truly diversify ones experiences.Just about every college alum I have spoken to says they wish they had studied abroad OR studying abroad was the highlight of their college career. I know of schools where it is MANDATORY for students to study abroad at least one semester AND the school pays for it! Since that school costs about $50,000 per yr in tuition, I know that it will not be realistic for me to ask that of my school. HOWEVER I do think they should make it easier and more affordable to study abroad.

The CS dept. of my school does the LEAST to help with this goal. They offer ZERO study abroad programs through the university that can directly apply to my major. Now i KNOW that computer science exists in other places throughout the world other than in the U.S…. ugh

I’d love to go to a Spanish speaking country or Australia someday…

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4 thoughts on “Concept: Study Abroad

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