It’s Been A While

Sorry about the brief pause in blogging. I had to focus on classes. On the bright side, I’ve had the best semester ever at school. On the down side, I broke my new year’s resolution to blog each day.

Anywhoo, on to bigger and better things. The finale of Lost was on tonight. I didn’t watch it because the last time I attempted to watch an episode of Lost, I was indeed just that – lost (and might I add, it was a season premiere… silly me for thinking the premiere is a good time to start watching the show).

I’ll give a bazillion dollars to the first person who can accurately summarize the Lost series in less than 5 sentences. Good luck!

From watching the news, it seems like even die-hard Lost fans don’t know how to describe it. Some say that the show has a religious undertone because some of the characters have biblical names and it takes place in a Garden-of-Eden-like setting. But I honestly don’t know what to make of it.

Check out the guys who have decided to try and set a world record watching episodes of Lost without sleep. At least they’re doing it for charity!

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