CPOTW #1: Bonfire

This begins the first series of Cool Project of the Week – Bonfire.

One of the professors in my department, Dr. Shaun Kane, worked on this project in graduate school and at  Intel Labs. Basically, Bonfire allows laptops to project onto flat surfaces, allowing gestures to be recognized.

Imagine origami – the complex and sometimes impossible task of folding sheets of paper into abstract shapes. Most times people are looking at instructions in a book or online, and folding accordingly. But instead imagine projectors showing you exactly where to crease on the paper you are folding.

Bonfire was tested by asking participants to complete such tasks using on-screen vs. micro-projection instructions, showing that performance improved using the micro-projection instructions.

Where could this go in the future? I predict remote family interactionAnyone remember Friday game nights? (I know it feels like so long ago.) Now when kids are in college, they can play games with their parents at home and grandparents far, far away.

What do you think the future with Bonfire would be like?

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