Crowdsourcing + Things

I recently received a travel scholarship from Google to attend the NSBE National Convention! How exciting!! Also included is a special technical interview bootcamp on behalf of the Google Pittsburgh office. I get so nervous even with the idea of technical interviews, even though I know I can do the work with my eyes closed.

That being said, I’ve finished my presentation for the crowdsourcing and DIY tech talk that I will be giving at the NSBE National Convention. If you’re going, be sure to check out the Engineering Our Future tech talk series on Saturday.

Still waiting to conduct interviews for my Wisely Connected project. (I just made up that name for my communication + older adults project, cool?) But when legal offices give my independent living homes the OK, I will surely be excited to interview at least 4 people in 1 day. By the time I get done, I’ll be the interview queen!

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