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Citizen Cartographers? Claim yourselves as crowdworkers!

Citizen Cartographers? Claim yourselves as crowdworkers!

A community of citizen cartographers have placed North Korea on the map! They’ve included detailed landmarks such as memorials, but also more controversial areas. Will this group map more? What excellent timing with the recent visit of Eric Schmidt. Coincidence?

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Crowdsourcing for the Blind

*Disclaimer: temporarily switching research projects

Thanks to the above disclaimer, you should now be aware that this post will not relate to the technology use of older adults. I will write up the findings of this project soon enough. However, now I am working on a project to crowdsource fashion advice for blind and low-vision people. I am working with Michele Burton to develop and test a new instance of  VizWiz, an iPhone app that helps this unique population identify objects.

Instead of asking to identify any object, they are specifically asking for colors of shirts/pants/shoes, how to assemble a matching ensemble, and for the words on their favorite t-shirt. 

More to come soon!

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Participants Scheduled!

Great news. I’ve scheduled 5 participants in the last week. 5 in one day will be a busy schedule, but at least it will give me results to create my CAPWIC poster.

This week I’m in Pittsburgh for the National Society of Black Engineers National Convention. Check out my presentation on my website, as well as more links to crowdsourcing resources.

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IRB Approved!

Finally the IRB for my independent study research project was approved! This semester I am working to design a new technology to help older adults in online communication and collaboration.

In the past week I was able to

  • collect a LOT of papers previously published on this topic (and save them to Mendeley, the best reference manager tool on the market!)
  • contact the coordinator of the Facebook Over 40 small group at my church to interview her in the near future
  • get approved for a poster presentation at CAPWIC
  • met with Dr. Elizabeth Mynatt from Georgia Tech’s Institute for People and Technology (iPaT) and discussed my current research endeavors

In addition, I’ve had a recent interest in crowdsourcing. At the NSBE National Convention, I will be giving a tech talk for the Graduate Student mini-Conference on crowdsourcing and DIY technologies. Therefore I’ve been collecting articles on different uses of crowdsourcing.

In the upcoming week I hope to be able to

  • schedule a few interviews with residents of different independent living homes in the Baltimore area
  • coordinate with an undergraduate collaborator on possible designs for a website
  • finalize my interview questions
  • and blog more!
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