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Math = Equal Resources

I know that I am not the best at math, especially calculus. In my math classes I see boys and it seems like math comes to them a lot easier than it comes to girls. Sometimes I feel like boys are better at math than girls. But is that a proven fact?

As it turns out, it is not. There needs to be equal resources and positive female role models who are also good at math. It just so happens that boys are more confident in their abilities than women…which is understandable because guys have such BIG egos. I think that because there aren’t many women who major in math and engineering fields, that is the reason I don’t see many women in my math classes. And because there are barely any females, we feel less confident in our abilities.

The only way to improve this never-ending cycle is to find some way to bring in 100s of 1000s of women into STEM fields. Then we can become more confident in ourselves and be back on the same level as men. Tis simple right?

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Wonder Woman: The Female Computer Science Major

She is Wonder Woman…the female computer science major..because she is a rare species in her environment.

Researchers from the University of Washington believe that women are not computer science majors because in their mind they have images of the stereotypical omputer science major in their head – guy with glasses whose a star wars fan and wear plaid shirts with suspenders. And the female species cannot identify with such an image.

However for me, not once did such a stereotypical image deter me from being a computer science major. Just because other people may exemplify such stereotypes doesn’t mean I have to. Frankly, speaking with other women or other people in general, they always have the same response when I tell them I major in computer science – WOW! that’s too hard for me!

It’s just a matter of difficulty. Some people choose easier majors than others. I think that more people are male because women go on to interdisciplinary fields while men stay programmers/coders. Then this tradition gets passed on to their children and the cycle continues.

What do you think?

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