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Why U No Want Facebook?

Why do people resist sites like Facebook and Twitter so much? Part of me thinks it’s because they want to be different and are afraid of actually liking it.  The other part of me thinks it’s a marketing problem. Often these sites are promoted as helping you make new friends. What if you like your current group of friends? Or, they’re advertised as letting you keep in contact “all the time”. Frankly this “always on” idea is a) annoying or b) creepy in today’s age.

How can social media be re-marketed to groups who resist the change so much? Calling all parents, political figures, highly-restrictive companies, older adults! For those who use Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linked in, G+ – why do you? What do you think would make your stubborn friends sign up? For those who don’t – why don’t you? What would need to happen to encourage you to participate?

-a frustrated social media  + accessibility researcher/graduate student

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Post: Follow-up

Thank you to a reader of OnlineEducation.net who created this awesome infographic in response to a previous post. It points to an increase in moms using Facebook. In shock and horror, I was amazed that most surveyed joined the social networking site to keep tabs on their kids. As much as I suspected this may be true, I didn’t want to believe it! But do dads join for the same reasons? Everyone knows more females use SNS than males. Does this same increase exist for males? I suspect not, but I’ll wait for the next infographic!

Parents Facebooking Infographic

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Facebook Profiles for Couples

Good one Facebook! I almost thought you were serious. That being said, would it be such a bad idea? I know many of my friends try to hide their relationship status on Facebook, whether it be single or in a relationship. At the moment I’m not sure if I can see many pros to having coupled profile. Thoughts?


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Inside Zuck

About Mr. Zuckerberg (creator of Facebook)

1. He wants his employees to FIGHT back.

2. Existing products don’t affect his decisions.

3. He wants to play with the product first.

4. Zuck pushes you.

Take these Zuckideas and put them in YOUR life:

1. Always fight back

2. Don’t care what everyone else is doing with their lives. Do you!

3. Know what you’re getting yourself into

4. Challenge yourself!

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“No Facebook!” says American Idol

American Idol made its contestants get rid of their Facebook, Myspace, Twitter etc. accounts. I get their point. Some people could be blabber mouths and reveal some Idol secrets. But I think their main reason is that contestants with Twitter accounts and TONS of followers could get more votes just based on their twitter accounts.

Oh and FYI, how much are these social networking sites worth?

Facebook: $11.5 billion

Zynga: $2.6 billion

Twitter: $1.4 billion

LinkedIn: $1.3 billion

Linden Labs (Second Life): $383 million


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Proven Fact: Parents Shouldn’t Get Facebooks

In a recent study done by a researcher at UVA, 86% of teens use Facebook or Myspace. The most socially adept teens use Facebook and Myspace to further enhance positive relationships with friends.

“The key as a parent is to be supportive rather than intrusive and to keep an open dialogue with your children so you can know what they are up to and who their friends are, both online and in person.”

Attn parents: getting a Facebook IS intrusive! Lesson of the day? Parents – do NOT get a Facebook account.

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Online Learning??? …not so much

Bill Gates says, “a lot of people, including me, think [online learning] is the next place where the Internet will surprise people in how it can improve things—especially in combination with face-to-face learning. With the escalating costs of education, an advance here would be very timely.”

But come onnnn, there are SO many distractions online. The first and formost being FACEBOOK! Then there are the distractions offline aka watching TV. Last but not least, it’d be easier to fall asleep than to do our homework.

Online learning isn’t even interactive! I mean it tries to be but when I took my GRE class through Kaplan, I purposely signed up for the classroom version because I know I would never find time to complete the online version. I would make tons of excuses and I know that I would find myself not reading the screen and just clicking next>>next>>next if I took the online course.

That being said, online quizzes (like in my Linear Algebra class) should not be called quizzes. Teachers might as well call them homework because we always use our book and sometimes use other students to help us. Most online quizzes are multiple choice. Some students can be good guessers! ….I’m not saying that everyone cheats. I guess I’m just trying to say online quizzes are not as useful as some teachers might think.

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