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Video Games Can Improve Your Vision!?

Not exactly but they have been shown to improve visual skills.

Games that require you to be the fastest shooter help people get faster at that game AND at other unrelated tasks. Parents may want to believe that staring at a TV screen for long periods of time can hurt your vision and since you are doing the same thing OVER and OVER that you will eventually become less accurate.

But this study suggests that “playing video games enhances performance on mental rotation skills, visual and spatial memory, and tasks requiring divided attention.”

I happen to believe this is true because most video games that I play are either racing games (CTR) or shooting games (Bust-A-Move 4). Although NUMEROUS other factors are involved, I noticed that I react faster in most situations than my other friends who play sport games such as Madden (BOYS of course). While this could be because women think faster (and smarter) than men, scientists think that video games can attenuate “gender differences in visual and spatial processing. ”

So play your video games children instead of eating your carrots!!

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