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Why U No Want Facebook?

Why do people resist sites like Facebook and Twitter so much? Part of me thinks it’s because they want to be different and are afraid of actually liking it.  The other part of me thinks it’s a marketing problem. Often these sites are promoted as helping you make new friends. What if you like your current group of friends? Or, they’re advertised as letting you keep in contact “all the time”. Frankly this “always on” idea is a) annoying or b) creepy in today’s age.

How can social media be re-marketed to groups who resist the change so much? Calling all parents, political figures, highly-restrictive companies, older adults! For those who use Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linked in, G+ – why do you? What do you think would make your stubborn friends sign up? For those who don’t – why don’t you? What would need to happen to encourage you to participate?

-a frustrated social media  + accessibility researcher/graduate student

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Citizen Cartographers? Claim yourselves as crowdworkers!

Citizen Cartographers? Claim yourselves as crowdworkers!

A community of citizen cartographers have placed North Korea on the map! They’ve included detailed landmarks such as memorials, but also more controversial areas. Will this group map more? What excellent timing with the recent visit of Eric Schmidt. Coincidence?

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Crowdsourcing + Things

I recently received a travel scholarship from Google to attend the NSBE National Convention! How exciting!! Also included is a special technical interview bootcamp on behalf of the Google Pittsburgh office. I get so nervous even with the idea of technical interviews, even though I know I can do the work with my eyes closed.

That being said, I’ve finished my presentation for the crowdsourcing and DIY tech talk that I will be giving at the NSBE National Convention. If you’re going, be sure to check out the Engineering Our Future tech talk series on Saturday.

Still waiting to conduct interviews for my Wisely Connected project. (I just made up that name for my communication + older adults project, cool?) But when legal offices give my independent living homes the OK, I will surely be excited to interview at least 4 people in 1 day. By the time I get done, I’ll be the interview queen!

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“Hacking for Humanity”

It’s 2010. Hacking is now socially acceptable…as long as you’re “doing it for good”.  This weekend (June 4-6) there’s a Hackathon going on in DC, Sydney, Nairobi, Jakarta and Sao Paulo chock full of hacking and coding competitions for the sole purpose of creating software that saves lived.

… How hacking will accomplish this…not too sure BUT I do know that Google, Microsoft, NASA, Yahoo, and The World Bank are in on it. If you want to join in on the fun (since it is open to the public) go here http://rhokdc.eventbrite.com/?src=2m to register.

PS Google Dan Kaminsky – guy is an AMAZING hacker

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The User is Always Right!

Google comes out with Google Buzz, ageneric social networking add-on to Gmail.

The user (me and the rest of the world) says, what’s the point??

Google. Take the hint. Not everything works….

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Google Social Search

Social networking sites and blogging sites are a big part of U.S. culture and even social culture around the world. Now, Google has a searching mechanism called ‘Social Search’ which allows you to search for results the relate to your specific circle of friends.

This circle of friends is generated from:

  1. your gmail contact list (so you must be signed in to see the effects of this feature)
  2. social networking sites linked to your google account

Check out the video below to see how to link your social networking site to google.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZqWJxgp-_mU%5D
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Cool ringtone. But are droids really that amazing?

My contract is up on my phone but I don’t want to pay $200 for a droid. When the G1 came out it was $250 but not I can get one from T-mobile for only $129. Meaning you’re only paying to say- I have the newest phone out there. The quality of the actual G1 didn’t decrease over the years. Only the interest in it did. Hopefully interest will decrease in the Samsung Behold II. It’s the second version of my current phone. I should have waited a year to get a new phone.

But I know that would not have been possible. What really makes Droid phones so amazing you wonder? Unlocking your phone with a fingered pattern!


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A Blog A Day Keeps Dementia Away

System.out.println(“Hello World!”)

I wonder how many blogs in the world have started with that same first line. Probably millions since it’s oh-so-cliche. So I am probably the last computer science major to have a blog but I don’t mind. Hopefully putting my thoughts on paper (monitor) I will be able to express myself more clearly. This blog will serve as a means for me to:

  • discuss emerging technologies
  • ponder new ideas and concepts
  • get advice with my professional career

The plan is to do one blog a day for 365 days and to alternate between the 3 things mentioned above each day…minus today of course… because today I have more important things to accomplish (no offense readers).

Today I must catch up on some research. You see, I do research at the human-computer interaction lab at school. The current project that my research team is working on is to help Google improve their search engine for kids. Therefore I must analyze videos of children (ages 7,9,11) searching for information online categorizing the children into one of six search roles. I have 3 videos to complete. Thus, farewell all! Until tomorrow!

– a busy are.in.bee

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