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Searching 4 Fun

The 34th annual ECIR (European Conference on Information Retrieval) is coming up in April 2012 in Barcelona, Spain. This year a very cool workshop will take place on Searching 4 Fun. While most research tends to focus on task-driven searches, there seems to be little efforts in the area of leisurely search. 

For me, at least, I’ve noticed that I tend to search for fun on my phone and Nook, and perform more task-driven queries on my laptops/desktop. And since more and more people are buying smart phones and other mobile devices, I think this would be a great area to explore. 

I think the most interesting topics for this workshop will be :

  • Use of Recommender Systems for Entertaining Content (books, movies, videos, music, websites).
  • Modelling of users interests and generation of accurate and appropriate user profiles.
  • Interfaces for exploratory search for casual-leisure situations.
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Mobile Biometrics

Mobile ID proposed by NIST is pushing for the use of fingerprint and eye scans in mobile devices. I already have it on my computer. Why not on my phone? The only thing is, I hope someone doesn’t try to steal my identity just by stealing my cell phone. Cops and the military are already using this technology to scan a person’s prints on the street and have the device search through hundreds of databases, real-time, to see who this person is .

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