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It’s Been A While

Sorry about the brief pause in blogging. I had to focus on classes. On the bright side, I’ve had the best semester ever at school. On the down side, I broke my new year’s resolution to blog each day.

Anywhoo, on to bigger and better things. The finale of Lost was on tonight. I didn’t watch it because the last time I attempted to watch an episode of Lost, I was indeed just that – lost (and might I add, it was a season premiere… silly me for thinking the premiere is a good time to start watching the show).

I’ll give a bazillion dollars to the first person who can accurately summarize the Lost series in less than 5 sentences. Good luck!

From watching the news, it seems like even die-hard Lost fans don’t know how to describe it. Some say that the show has a religious undertone because some of the characters have biblical names and it takes place in a Garden-of-Eden-like setting. But I honestly don’t know what to make of it.

Check out the guys who have decided to try and set a world record watching episodes of Lost without sleep. At least they’re doing it for charity!

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Grad School at 17?!


While other teenagers are fretting about college choices this time of year, UT student Cynthia Gonzalez, 17, is looking forward to attending graduate school.

In the fall, she took 21 hours, though this semester she is giving herself a “break” by taking 19. Most people who don’t know about her college plans are shocked when they find out.

“I didn’t really want to graduate early [from high school], but junior year, my counselor told me there was nothing really left for me to take, so I might as well graduate and go to college,” Gonzalez said.

Brownsville allowed Gonzalez to enter the University with enough hours to be considered a junior. Gonzalez can recall being impressed with the speech pathologists who helped her in her formative years and decided to pursue a career in the field.

If it all pans out, Cynthia will graduate this summer and attend graduate school in the fall.

Afterward, Cynthia would one day like to open her own speech and hearing clinic in the Rio Grande Valley.

Whaaaat?? This is craziness. And I thought I was smart for going to college at 16. Gee wiz. But I mean, she doesn’t really have a life. School, mass and family? Socialize!!

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Grad School

Lol…take a look (click the image for more)

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