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Searching 4 Fun

The 34th annual ECIR (European Conference on Information Retrieval) is coming up in April 2012 in Barcelona, Spain. This year a very cool workshop will take place on Searching 4 Fun. While most research tends to focus on task-driven searches, there seems to be little efforts in the area of leisurely search. 

For me, at least, I’ve noticed that I tend to search for fun on my phone and Nook, and perform more task-driven queries on my laptops/desktop. And since more and more people are buying smart phones and other mobile devices, I think this would be a great area to explore. 

I think the most interesting topics for this workshop will be :

  • Use of Recommender Systems for Entertaining Content (books, movies, videos, music, websites).
  • Modelling of users interests and generation of accurate and appropriate user profiles.
  • Interfaces for exploratory search for casual-leisure situations.
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Google Social Search

Social networking sites and blogging sites are a big part of U.S. culture and even social culture around the world. Now, Google has a searching mechanism called ‘Social Search’ which allows you to search for results the relate to your specific circle of friends.

This circle of friends is generated from:

  1. your gmail contact list (so you must be signed in to see the effects of this feature)
  2. social networking sites linked to your google account

Check out the video below to see how to link your social networking site to google.

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