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Lunch N’ Learn: Typography

Today was the first day of the Lunch N’ Learn series which us UX interns are providing every other week this summer at the SVL location. One of the cool topics for today was typography. There’s so much more that goes into choosing the correct type than I originally thought. Aesthetics isn’t the only aspect. How the look corresponds to the topic that is being presented also matters. For example, more serious matters may need more of a serif font while sans-serif may be more appropriate for party invitations.

Font types may differ when referring to different people. What font type are you? Find out here.

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First Day @ Big Blue

Today was my first day of work at IBM Silicon Valley Lab. I’ll be working in UX with the User Technologies group. Like most first day interns, I spent 83.6% of my day setting up my workstation and getting connected to the Internet (10 pts for me!) I even found time to attend a tech talk on the future of web UX (15 pts) and found the cafeteria (20 pts). Today was a successful day. Stay tuned for more! 

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