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[bird’s] Nest

Thermostat Automagically Learns Your Heating Habits

This smart thermostat, Nest, is quite aesthetically pleasing. A red background means the heat is on, and blue mans the A/C is on. After 1 week, this thermostat learns the resident’s schedule and adjusts on its own. What’s even better is that is can predict when power prices will increase and adjust your thermostat accordingly. Perfect for a graduate student’s budget! These smart-stats aren’t new but at least this looks awesome. I’m glad we’re getting closer and closer to a complete Disney’s Smart House!

Retailing for $249 and coming out in November. 

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Day Four: Reflection

I left ATL at 10:00am this morning (it was supposed to be 9:15 but there were fog delays). Surprisingly, I left more confused than I had been when I came on Thursday.

Ever since the 6th grade I said I wanted to get my PhD just like my 6th grade teacher…in what? I was not sure. But I knew I would get one.

Due to my interest in psychology, digital media, and computer science I decided to get a PhD in human-computer interaction. However, this weekend I was persuaded that PhD’s were only for research and academia. I LIKE to do research, don’t get me wrong, but I don’t know if I could do it forever or i I really even have a passion for it. And I know that I cannot teach. Well, it’s not that I can’t, it’s just that I prefer not to because kids these days like to test your patience.

I know I want at least my master’s because I want to learn more about HCI and my school only has one course on the subject. BUT GA Tech doesn’t offer a program in which you can get your PhD and your master’s on the way.

eek! What do I do now??

I guess I have  about 7 months to figure it out.

p.s. tomorrow is back to regularly scheduled program

and fyi…did you know that i.e. should NOT be used to say for example…instead e.g. is used for this purpose

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Day Three: Closure

Last day of the FOCUS program. I must catch up on getting back to people whose business cards I got yesterday. We attended a workshop about finding and although it was LONG, it was also quite helpful. It also made me realize that GA Tech is my REACH school…with my GPA and whatnot but that may change after I get my GRE scores…. eek

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Day Two: People

Today was the day of meeting people. Ever since I came downstairs to the hotel lobby at 6:55am I was meeting people. Everyone’s pretty friendly. Luckily for me, this is a male-dominated field.

I met people from all around the United States – California, Alabama, Texas, Georgia, Maryland, North Carolina. Everywhere. A lot of people attend HBCUs as well but I don’t feel left out, which is good considering I go to a predominantly white school.

Around 4pm I had a meeting with a current PhD student majoring in the area that I want to study. She looked quite sane considering this is her 5th year of graduate school. She introduced me to the President of the College of Computing as well as Director of a research program.

I shall be applying to this research program and then the dilemna will be – should I do an internship in CALI or research at my #1 choice for grad school. But FIRST I gotta get accepted…

Wish me luck!

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Day One: Dinner

Sooo I arrived today at around 3pm. As it turns out, I know another guy here from Univ. of Maryland. We were on the same flight and didn’t even know the other was coming! How ironic…

The only thing we pretty much did today was have dinner. Thankfully in the welcome ceremony they revealed to us that grad schools around the country will have twice as much money for fellowships than last year. By the year 2013, that figure should TRIPLE. For Georgia Tech specifically, they will give out 1000 awards this year and that will only increase as the next few years go by.

From the part that I was listening to, this is because Obama wants more engineers and will pay just about anything to get them.

I met a few new people…my roommate just arrived 😦 I thought I was gonna have my room all to myself.

What a small world it is. Tonight I met the fiancee of the grad student that I am supposed to be meeting with tomorrow. I wonder if I shall meet my husband in grad school. hmmmm

Well time to study for the GREs! 9 more daysss

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Grad School

Tomorrow I shall be on my way to Georgia Tech. I’m a participant in a program that invites minority students to tour the campus and ask questions to professors. Hopefully I like it! I have yet to pack so today’s post will be quite short.

FYI – the posts over the next few days will be related to my travel adventures. Enjoy!

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