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Why U No Want Facebook?

Why do people resist sites like Facebook and Twitter so much? Part of me thinks it’s because they want to be different and are afraid of actually liking it.  The other part of me thinks it’s a marketing problem. Often these sites are promoted as helping you make new friends. What if you like your current group of friends? Or, they’re advertised as letting you keep in contact “all the time”. Frankly this “always on” idea is a) annoying or b) creepy in today’s age.

How can social media be re-marketed to groups who resist the change so much? Calling all parents, political figures, highly-restrictive companies, older adults! For those who use Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linked in, G+ – why do you? What do you think would make your stubborn friends sign up? For those who don’t – why don’t you? What would need to happen to encourage you to participate?

-a frustrated social media  + accessibility researcher/graduate student

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Attn: Tweeps

November 2008: 1 billion tweets

December 2009: 5 billion tweets

March 2010: 10 billion tweets!

Congrats tweople!

Why are people so against twitter? Don’t knock it til you try it. If you don’t accept that policy, you may miss out on a LOT in life. shucks.

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“No Facebook!” says American Idol

American Idol made its contestants get rid of their Facebook, Myspace, Twitter etc. accounts. I get their point. Some people could be blabber mouths and reveal some Idol secrets. But I think their main reason is that contestants with Twitter accounts and TONS of followers could get more votes just based on their twitter accounts.

Oh and FYI, how much are these social networking sites worth?

Facebook: $11.5 billion

Zynga: $2.6 billion

Twitter: $1.4 billion

LinkedIn: $1.3 billion

Linden Labs (Second Life): $383 million


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