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Word to Your Mother

Rule # 1 of blogging: Don’t complain unless you have a problem. Rule # 2 of blogging: Don’t complain unless you have a clue of how to fix it.

Mark Gimein wrote an entire article bashing Microsoft ¬†Word in his blog entitled “Word Fails Me”. Of course to make a good argument he talks about all the features that word has including banning the double use of words, the ribbon in Office 2007, auto-correct and all the keyboard shortcuts.He then goes on to say he wants to create “documents with several section that can be easily moved around”. Copy and paste much? The argument here is that Word doesn’t do it in a way that’s useful. What’s NOT useful about copy and paste? Maybe there’s just something I’m not understanding…

He then goes on to complain that when you insert a picture, Word doesn’t ask you about captions. In fact, most of the papers I’ve seen or written with pictures didn’t need/have captions. Is it really too hard to right-click on the picture?

Mr. Gimein is also dissatisfied that Word chooses the font for you. I think this guy wants a bazillion pop-ups asking, “Do you want a caption”, “What font would you like”, for every single decision he has to make. To me, that doesn’t sound very efficient. But who am I to talk?

Lastly, this “man” complains that Word doesn’t have a tool to figure out which words you want on the page… I don’t think Word is being paid to write your papers for you. Or a scratch pad where you can save sections of writing to use later… It’s called just type the sections, save it in the document and go back to use them later? Is it just me who’s not understanding this man’s argument? If you agree with him, please..do tell

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