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“Hacking for Humanity”

It’s 2010. Hacking is now socially acceptable…as long as you’re “doing it for good”. ¬†This weekend (June 4-6) there’s a Hackathon going on in DC, Sydney, Nairobi, Jakarta and Sao Paulo chock full of hacking and coding competitions for the sole purpose of creating software that saves lived.

… How hacking will accomplish this…not too sure BUT I do know that Google, Microsoft, NASA, Yahoo, and The World Bank are in on it. If you want to join in on the fun (since it is open to the public) go here¬†http://rhokdc.eventbrite.com/?src=2m to register.

PS Google Dan Kaminsky – guy is an AMAZING hacker

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Last Breath

Yahoo and Microsoft are deciding to merge yahoo.com and bing.com since they both suck. Ha jk, starting in July, Yahoo searches will say ‘powered by Bing’ at the bottom in their last and desperate attempt to compete. FYI Google control 65% of the search engine market.

Let’s make the funeralarrangements now.

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