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A Nation Divided on Snowden


inspired by: http://www.people-press.org/2013/06/17/public-split-over-impact-of-nsa-leak-but-most-want-snowden-prosecuted/

I typically don’t take sides in political matters but I don’t think Snowden should be prosecuted at all. I understand the there-must-be-consequences-for-breaking-the-law rationale, but I think he made a contribution to the good of humanity. Now people might actually listen to what computer scientists have been saying for years in that all information is public somewhere and to be more conscious of what they’re putting online. 


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Concept: Study Abroad

I feel like studying abroad can truly diversify ones experiences.Just about every college alum I have spoken to says they wish they had studied abroad OR studying abroad was the highlight of their college career. I know of schools where it is MANDATORY for students to study abroad at least one semester AND the school pays for it! Since that school costs about $50,000 per yr in tuition, I know that it will not be realistic for me to ask that of my school. HOWEVER I do think they should make it easier and more affordable to study abroad.

The CS dept. of my school does the LEAST to help with this goal. They offer ZERO study abroad programs through the university that can directly apply to my major. Now i KNOW that computer science exists in other places throughout the world other than in the U.S…. ugh

I’d love to go to a Spanish speaking country or Australia someday…

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Wonder Woman: The Female Computer Science Major

She is Wonder Woman…the female computer science major..because she is a rare species in her environment.

Researchers from the University of Washington believe that women are not computer science majors because in their mind they have images of the stereotypical omputer science major in their head – guy with glasses whose a star wars fan and wear plaid shirts with suspenders. And the female species cannot identify with such an image.

However for me, not once did such a stereotypical image deter me from being a computer science major. Just because other people may exemplify such stereotypes doesn’t mean I have to. Frankly, speaking with other women or other people in general, they always have the same response when I tell them I major in computer science – WOW! that’s too hard for me!

It’s just a matter of difficulty. Some people choose easier majors than others. I think that more people are male because women go on to interdisciplinary fields while men stay programmers/coders. Then this tradition gets passed on to their children and the cycle continues.

What do you think?

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GRE Word of the Day: Aesthetic

Aesthetic: concerning the appreciation of beauty

But isn’t beauty in the eye of the beholder? According to a team of researchers from the University of Girona and the Max Planck Institute in Germany, they know how to create a computer which understands art. Based on their research there are “mathematical algorithms (that) provide clues about the artistic style of a painting”. Researchers say that a computer will never be able to tell the artistic era of a painting or  interpret beauty. Frankly, I beg to differ because 100 years ago no one could even imagine robots or even cars for that matters. Maybe one day someone will be able to make computers “think” and “interpret”.

Or maybe this will remain an NP complete-like problem. Once you solve one, you solve the meaning of life…

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Professors Lie!

I thought my major was supposed to give me hundreds of secure jobs!

However, PayScale’s list of the 8 most secure jobs for 2010 only lists one job that directly fits my major. The list is as follows:

  1. Cardiovascular Technologist
  2. Database Administrator (ME!!)
  3. Personal Trainer
  4. Interior Designer
  5. Dental Hygienist
  6. Paralegal or Legal Assistant
  7. Water Treatment Plant System Operator (ugh stinky)
  8. Occupational Therapy Assistant

As it turns out, the number one job only requires a 2 year associate degree. Yet I’m in school for 4 years! But actually, I don’t mind. That 2 year associate degree probably ONLY fits that one specific job title. At least as a computer science major, I can be suitable for numerous (maybe even hundreds of) jobs. Aren’t you a little jealous?

I would be.

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